What is Fascia?

  • Fascia is the tissue connecting every single one of our 100 trillion cells. It has the power to adhere to bone and pull us out of alignment at a force of 2000lb/ square inch – so it’s so important to address and realign!
  • Fascia is trying to be a supportive tissue, however it can be built upon itself especially when we injure ourselves, or with repetitive motion, causing decrease of range of motion and poor circulation.
  • The pulled t shirt theory explains that by pulling the bottom of the t-shirt the rest is affected- the same with the body – for example your fascia could be restricted in your calf, affecting the pain in your low back, and its not until you release the calf are you able to release that low back pain!

The Three Components of Block Therapy

  • Create Space – Creating space in the body and melting through restrictions in the tissue is important for correcting posture and improving blood and oxygen flow to the cells, keeping them fed and clean.
  • Inflate Space – Instruction of proper diaphragmatic breathing turns on the internal furnace optimizing the melting of adhesions in the tissue. In fact, diaphragmatic breathing increases oxygenation in tissue up to 6x.
  • Maintain Space – Understanding how to use your body properly and strengthen correct foundation is crucial to maintaining proper cellular alignment. Block Therapy addresses this to give you a full body program and teaches you how to bring proper posture into daily activity.

What does Block Therapy Address?

  • Pain – eventually chronic
  • Inflammation and stagnancy of flow
  • Displaced fascia
  • Energy loss
  • Loss of mobility and freedom of movement
  • Poor posture
  • Compromised efficiency of your systems
  • The list goes on…

Why use the block?

We hear this all the time… and ultimately you’re right, it is a block made from bamboo!

  • The size was specifically designed to fit into our bodies, rounded edges make exploring on the block comfortable.
  • Bamboo and bone share a similar density. Like attracts like. This enables us to melt and release fascial restrictions all the way to the bone – where majority of the causes to our issues are located.
  • Foam, plastic or other synthetic materials are not organic. Using these materials,  especially with their methodology, will only targets the surface layers of tissue. 
  • Every Block is raw and organic. Bamboo is a piece of nature. 

Who is Block Therapy for?

  • EVERYONE! Block therapy can be adapted to each person. As long as you are breathing in a relaxed state you are healing yourself! We can walk through treatments virtually or in person- on the floor, on the massage table, on the chair, even in the comfort and privacy of your own home on your couch or bed!

How is it different than other fascia modalities?

  • It all comes down to persuasion vs force.
  • Block Therapy persuades your tissue to melt and release. Your bodyweight and gravity with the pressure on the Block combined with proper diaphragmatic breathing causes the fascia to release.

What does a in office or virtual session look like?

Wear comfortable clothing. Megan will assess your fascial restrictions based on visuals and your explanation of pain. From there the treatment begins either on the floor/treatment table/chair, or on the couch/floor of your own home with Megan virtually.

Treatment ranges from 30-90 minutes

Benefit of being in office is that Megan is able to apply added movements and pressure to positions within your comfort level

How to continue block as a solo practice/homecare

  • Sign up for the Block Therapy Starter Package HERE

With the Starter Package, you receive your personal login to Block Therapy Central, which includes:

  • Introductory & Explanatory Videos (lifelong access)
  • 9 Day Full Body Fascia Program (lifelong access)
  • Introductory Positions & Descriptions (lifelong access)
  • 14 Day Block Therapy Membership Trial (no credit card required)
  • Block Buddy, Block Baby or Package Deal

Ask us about block rentals if you are in the Nova Scotia HRM region!

Using a rolled up towel to continue the movements at home is another option for beginners !